SineTamer ST-SP240-P Single Phase DB Board Protection

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SineTamer Single Phase DB board Lightning/Transient surge protector 220V/100A/60KA with active tracking AC Sinewave tracking protection- 2 possible ground paths with 3 mode maintenance free protection


The SineTamer© ST-SPT devices provide the best ring wave transient protection available for a device of its type. These devices are intended for single 120, 240, 380 or 480 VAC circuit applications at locations feeding sensitive/critical equipment. It is extremely effective in limiting transients generated inside the facility and is an absolute must on circuits feeding critical microprocessor based equipment. It boasts a robust 60kA per phase peak surge current rating on all models.

This economical device is unique in that it is designed as a stand-alone surge suppression device and requires no special enclosure when used outside an existing enclosure or cabinet. Its compact size makes installation a breeze and the warranty is the best in the industry. Add to all that, dedicated “all mode” Enhanced Sinewave Tracking™ and completely encapsulated Optimal Response Network™, and you get a device that defines effective and reliable surge suppression.

We believe that we offer the most versatile TVSS devices on the market with performance specs that are superior to our competitors and a warranty that is second to none.


Description: Series wired parallel-connected transient voltage surge suppressor with encapsulated Optimal Response Network™ and Enhanced Sinewave Tracking circuitry
Application: Designed for use at ANSI/IEEE Category A with susceptibility up to medium exposure levels to protect sensitive/critical loads fed by a single circuit.
Warranty: 25 Years Unlimited Free Replacement
Unit Listings: Tested to UL 1449 Second Edition and CUL
Enclosure: Plastic, UL 94V
Mounting: External mounting feet.
Connection Method: 3-Lug screw terminal strip at both the input and output sides of the device.
Shipping Weight: ≈ 2 lbs
Circuit Design: Series wired, parallel connected hybrid design incorporating discrete all mode protection and utilizing our encapsulated Optimal Response Network™ and Enhanced Sinewave Tracking circuitry design to provide lowest possible let-through-voltages. All suppression circuits are completely encapsulated in our exclusive compound to assure long component life and complete protection from the environment and/or vibration.
Protection Modes: Dedicated protection components and circuitry for each mode. Discrete L-N (Normal Mode), and Discrete L-G, N-G (Common Mode)
Input Power Frequency: 50-60Hz
Max Operating Current: 15 and 30 Amps AC (60 Amp models available)
EMI/RFI Attenuation: 40dB Max. from 1kHz to 10MHz
Circuit Diagnostics: Super Bright LED, normally on.
Circuit Interrupt: External (see installation instructions for details).
kAIC Rating: 200 kAIC when installed according to installation instructions
Options: -P = wires on one end for parallel install, -N = remove N-G tracking capacitor, -DIN = din rail mounting feet. –C = DRC (125Vrms, 0.5 amps; 30VDC, 1.0 amps – N/O, N/C)
Remote Alarm option: Dry Relay Contacts, 125Vrms, 0.5 amps; 30VDC, 1.0 amps – N/O, N/C. These contacts are for use in conjunction with external status monitoring devices and are connected via the 18ga wires provided. Add suffix “C” for DRC option.


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