Datamanager Card Retrofit for Symo/Eco (DM)

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The Fronius Datamanager is the communications center for Fronius inverters in every type of application. Whenever it is connected to the internet via a LAN or WLAN, the Fronius Datamanager sends the PV system values directly to the Fronius Solar.web online portal. This provides you with an overview of how the system is operating at all times.

The Fronius Datamanager enables inverters to be connected directly to the internet via WLAN. Furthermore, optimum system monitoring and configuration of the Datamanager can be carried out via the dedicated website on the Fronius Datamanager?s integrated webserver. The integrated Modbus RTU SunSpec, Modbus TCP SunSpec, and Fronius Solar API (JSON for actual values) interfaces allow Fronius inverters to be seamlessly linked to third-party systems and run in parallel with Fronius Solar web.


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