Mounting Systems

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Mounting Systems

Racking solar on metal sheet roofs

A carefree solution for solar mounting on trapezoidal and corrugated metal sheet of aluminum and steel. Landscape and portrait panel orientation options.

Rail free east/west system for flat roofs

This mounting solution is ideal for back to back (East/West) solar panel arrays on flat roofs. Using posts as mounting elements and setting rails aside gives you great advantages in planning and installation of this system. Going without rails assures free water drainage and compensates potential interferences caused by thermal expansion.

PV Mounting on any pitched roof with

The universal solar panel mounting system with its wide system portfolio covers any application on various roof coverings and substructures. The different components can be combined as needed and fastened to the roof substructure.

Ballasted racking system for flat roofs without roof penetration

The proven aerodynamic system made of long-living HDPE plastic offers an attractive solution for south-oriented solar installations on regular flat roofs, small flat roofs, such as garages or bungalows, and on redeveloped surfaces on the ground.

Triangular racking frame for pitched, flat roofs & ground mounting

The triangular mounting frame is available in various inclinations.Thanks to the large number of compatible roof connection elements and the option of ballasting TriSole, is suitable for a variety of different types of roofs and roof coverings.